Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo is the type of cargo with such volume-weight characteristics that exceed the transportation acceptable size and regulations of the road-traffic laws.

Transportation of such cargoes has its specific nature no matter what transport you use. You should take into account a lot of details such as requirements of the transportation process, coordination with the controlling authorities, insurance etc. Therefore, each of these shipments is a separate carefully elaborated project and it’s extremely difficult to carry it out without the relevant experience. The employees of Sea Freight Logistics thoroughly work out every project of such type and lead it individually.

Calculate the price of the service "Oversized cargo transportation"

The cost of oversized cargo transportation is calculated individually for every project because it depends on a range of parameters such as:

  • Volume-weight characteristics of the cargo;
  • Hazard class;
  • Type of equipment for transportation;
  • Transport route;
  • Urgency of transportation;
  • Need for escort;
  • Need for loading and unloading operations and the additional equipment;
  • Cargo insurance.