Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Customs clearance of cargo is a complicated bureaucratic process which can only be carried out by specialists who knows all the details of the customs legislation, who monitors all the innovations and requirements. That is the reason to entrust this process to the efficient specialists.

Our company provides the comprehensive range of services:

  • Classification of goods according to Russian CN FEA codes and customs duties calculation.
  • Collecting, processing and transfer of the necessary document package to the customs.
  • Product certification.
  • Customs clearance processing.
  • Processing of customs declarations.
  • Cargo tracking.
  • Cooperation with the Temporary Storage Warehouse.
  • Arbitration of all the issues at the customs.

The cost of customs clearance is always calculated individually because the final cost depends on a lot of parameters such as:

  • Cargo volume;
  • Weight and invoice cost;
  • Means of transport at border crossings;
  • Quantity of the codes of the cargo in the documents;
  • Region of the customs clearance processing;
  • Identification of the cargo within the particular group;
  • Purpose of import/export of the cargo;
  • Type of payments between the counterparties;
  • Conditions of transportation;
  • Categories of persons importing the cargo.