LTC cargo transportation

LTC cargo transportation

Grouped cargo is non-bulky cargo (from one box to several pallets) following the same route to different recipients. Shipment is carried out by one means of transport in one container.

It is possible to calculate the cost of transportation if only the following certain cargo characteristics are known:

  • volume and weight,
  • Invoice cost,
  • Type of cargo,
  • distance,
  • insurance,
  • special requirements to the transportation.

Our company offers to our clients the following grouped cargo transportation services:

  • Cargo pick-up from the sender,
  • Cargo handling and transportation to the warehouse,
  • Preparing cargo for shipment includes: weighing, packing and cargo marking, consolidation,
  • Preparing all the necessary accompanying documentation,
  • Loading is carried out in terms of the particularities of the cargo and the type of transport,
  • Transportation,
  • Tracking of the cargo movement,
  • Distribution to recipients,
  • Storage in the warehouse.